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February 21st, 2019
"Risk Managers Roundtable"

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Six Tips For Risk Managers When Assessing Automation Hazards
From a risk management perspective, one of the benefits of automation is that robots can play a significant role in reducing injuries when deployed to replace or support workers in high-hazard jobs, such as those involving high force and repetition. Yet, without appropriate risk assessments, their benefits can become skewed in other situations.

Seven Qualities of an Impactful Risk Register
You might have resolved to tidy up some processes and press the "reset" button on your risk register in the new year. Whether you've started a new position, want to improve your company's operations or just overhaul your existing register, the basic foundations are out there.

Demonstrating their altruistic nature, many RIMS members have been offering their insight to those seeking suggestions - even going to far as to send their Excel sheet registers. Here are some criteria for your X and Y axes, culled from the OPIS network and existing resources on Risk Knowledge. While they are by no means a finite list, they can act as building blocks for your new template or register.

Limit Organizational Exposure During the Polar Vortex
A polar vortex has gripped large areas of the Northern United States, and all-time lows are being approached in parts of Midwest states like Iowa and Illinois. This frigid weather phenomenon is defined by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) as a large area of low pressure and cold air that normally surrounds the North and South poles. But during unstable conditions, the Arctic air can expand and drift southward to North America.

Q&A: California Businesses Prepare for the Next Quake
On October 18, more than 10 million Californians participated in The Great Shakeout to prepare for the next catastrophic earthquake and bring awareness to earthquake preparedness across the state. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) predicts a 99% chance of a magnitude 6.7+ earthquake in the Bay Area within the next 30 years, preparation is essential.

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President's Message

Jeff Stolle
Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great, and relaxing?!?!, holiday season. As LA RIMS Chapter's new President for 2019, I wanted to let our members and supporters know about some of the exciting events coming up throughout the new year and to tell you more about our Chapter and how you can get involved.

First, I would like to introduce the 2019 LA RIMS Chapter Board Members. Without this group, none of our events would be possible. Being a Board Member requires extra time and commitment outside of everything else they do. They work hard to create and put on the best events for our members. We have a great mix of new faces and grizzled veterans making up our Board, they are:

President:Jeff Stolle, Director, Risk Management, Castle & Cooke, Inc.
Vice President:Scott Ritto, Vice President, Risk Management, Kilroy Realty Corporation
Treasurer:Cristina Montijo, Director, Risk Management and Insurance, Edwards Lifesciences
Secretary:Margarette Fisette, Risk Manager, Big 5 Sporting Goods
Past President:Manny Chavez, Risk Manager, Princess Cruise Lines
Directors:Vincent Monastersky, Vice President, Risk Management, Fox Entertainment
Dennis Healy, Risk Manager, BBSI
Cristian Iglesias, Risk Analyst, The Cheesecake Factory
Christal Warner, Associate Vice President-Commercial, Paul Davis
Rising Risk
Professionals Chair/
Board Liaison:
Mary Daly, Principal, Oliver Wyman
Executive Director
(keeps it all together!):
Amber Ardizone, Executive Management Associates

Upcoming Events:
February 21st, 2019
Risk Managers Roundtable

March 20th, 2019
Monthly Education Event

June 5th, 2019
LA RIMS Golf Tournament

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