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February 27th, 2020
"Risk Managers Roundtable"

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Prevent Your Employees From Getting Tricked by Phishing Emails
We all know to watch for suspicious emails. But phishing emails are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, tricking even the savviest among us. The costs to consumers, businesses and institutions keep adding up: According to the FBI, online theft, fraud and exploitation totaled $2.7 billion in financial losses in 2018.

Twist and Shout: Avoiding Workplace Injuries with Risktech
This week's inaugural RIMS Risktech Forum highlighted many of the ways technology is changing how risk professionals approach their work, and the advantages of embracing new innovations. During the "What Can Risktech Do for Me?" panel, Mike Poulos of Marsh LLC, Jen Thorson of data analytics firm Modjoul, and Susan Shemanski, vice president of risk management for Adecco Employment Services discussed one of the practical applications of risktech--wearable workplace technology--to prevent injuries and unsafe behavior, protect workers, and mitigate liability for employers. In the course of normal business for many companies, employees in physically demanding jobs can twist, reach and otherwise strain their bodies in different ways that can lead to both immediate and long-term injuries. New technology offers a way to mitigate these risks.

Venice Sees Near-Record Flooding
The city of Venice, Italy, faced the worst flooding of its famous canals since the devastating floods of 1966. Venice has suffered major economic impact from this new round of flooding, with Mayor Luigi Brugnaro predicting that the damage will cost hundreds of millions of Euros, and claiming climate change is to blame.

Three Tips for Using Telematics to Keep Drivers Safe This Winter
Speeding. Harsh stops. Rapid acceleration. Cornering. Fleet managers are likely familiar with these buzzwords related to driver behavior, but what is the real impact of not fixing the way employees operate company vehicles?

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President's Message

Jeff Stolle
Happy New Year! 2020 looks to be a very interesting year in the insurance market, I hope you prepared for what looks to be a hardening market for a second year. It's been a long time since the last hard market, and this is when Risk Managers can really so their value within their organization. LA RIMS hopesto provide you with education and resources to help you navigate this market, while also providing you some opportunities to let loose and have some fun with the LA Risk Management Community. The purpose of this newsletter is to let our members and supporters know about some of the exciting events coming up throughout the New Year and to tell you more about our Chapter and how you can get involved.

First, I would like to introduce the 2020 LA RIMS Chapter Board Members. Without this group, none of our events would be possible. Being a Board Member requires extra time and commitment outside of everything else they do. They work hard to create and put on the best events for our members. We have a great mix of new faces and grizzled veterans making up our Board.
President:Jeff Stolle, Director, Risk Management, Castle & Cooke, Inc.
Vice President:Scott Ritto, Vice President, Risk Management, Kilroy Realty Corporation
Treasurer:Cristina Montijo, Director, Risk Management and Insurance, Edwards Lifesciences
Secretary:Margaret Fisette, Senior Risk Manager, Big 5 Sporting Goods
Past President:Manny Chavez, Risk Manager, Princess Cruise Lines
Directors:Vincent Monastersky, Vice President, Risk Management, Fox Entertainment
Dennis Healy, Risk Manager, BBSI
Cristian Iglesias, Risk Analyst, The Cheesecake Factory
Christal Warner, Associate Vice President-Commercial, Paul Davis
Jackelyn Ho, Marketing Manager, LegalNet, Inc.
Pat Koscher, Senior Account Manager, HARBRO Emergency & Restoration
Rising Risk
Professionals Chair/
Board Liaison
Mary Daly, Principal, Oliver Wyman
Executive Director
(keeps it all together!)
Amber Ardizone, Executive Management Associates

Other than our new Board members, Jackelyn and Pat, all the Board Members from 2019 have returned to the Board. We believe this continuity only helps enhance the mission of the Board.
Upcoming Events:
February 27th, 2020
Risk Managers Roundtable

March 18th, 2020
Monthly Education Event

April 22nd, 2020
Monthly Education Event

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