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July 18th, 2018
"Not Your Typical Cyber Liability Discussion"
Brian Hurd, Vice President Stroz Freidberg

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Are You Prepared for GDPR?
If your work involves personal data, you probably already know the European Union's (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforcement date is May 25. While penalties for noncompliance can be stiff, the sky may not be falling just yet.

Lava Threatens Hawaii’s Land, Economy and Ecology
Activity from the Kilauea volcano on the island of Hawaii, in Lava Zones 1 and 2--deemed the most dangerous of the island's nine zones--continues into its third week. As previously reported, aftershocks, lava flow and lingering hazardous fumes in Lanipuna spilled into nearby areas. About 1,800 people living in surrounding neighborhoods were ordered to be evacuated earlier this month by Hawaii County. The one serious injury reported was of a man sitting on this front porch, who sustained a leg injury caused by lava splatter.

Confronting D&O Insurers’ Efforts To Carve Back Subpoena Coverage
Whether a government subpoena constitutes a "claim" is a frequently contested issue between D&O insurers and their policyholders. D&O policies--at least with respect to coverage for private companies and individual insureds at any company--typically define "claim" through multiple subparagraphs: first, a broad and generalized subparagraph that usually references a "written demand for monetary or non-monetary relief," followed by several narrowly framed subparagraphs that address more specific situations, such as "a civil or criminal proceeding commenced by the service of a complaint or similar pleading." Most courts have held that generalized language, such as any "written demand for . . . non-monetary relief," must be read expansively to encompass government subpoenas.

Uptick Charted in Telemedicine Cyberrisk
Advances in telemedicine have benefited patients, but, as with any emerging technology, they also create exposure to cybersecurity risk. In addition to patients' data, monitoring and diagnostic devices that can provide treatment from a distance can be compromised due to a variety of causes--from hackers to employee error.

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President's Message

Manny Chavez
This past week was April 15th, a day we always remember. It's a time when you either owe the Man or better, He owes you! I can't believe we're already into the 2nd quarter of 2018.

This time of year normally brings good things for all of us. We spend the first part of the year getting over the prior year and planning for new things to put on our plates. I personally enjoy the longer days of sunshine. It gives me (personally) more outdoor time to do what I love... Cycling, gardening, beach, hiking, BBQ and spending time with the people who mean most.

From Spring to Summer, we've definitely got some things in store for all of our RIMS Family. Here's a quick view. Visit www.larims.org to register!

RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW... The Annual RIMS Conference is happening in San Antonio, TX this week! You only have about 10,000 people to meet! There's an incredible line up of educational seminars, speakers, exhibit hall and after hours events that brings the experience all together. It's truly a Conference built on collaboration. I hope you enjoy the experience.

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