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April 22nd, 2020
"Monthly Education Event"
Mark Bruaski, Senior Executive General Adjuster, Sedgwick

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Converting a Conference to 100% Virtual in One Week
Conference organizers have been among the hardest hit by COVID-19. When your entire business is predicated on bringing people together, pivoting is not easy.

On March 12, 2020, the InsurTech NY team saw a dark future ahead. Officials had confirmed 500 people in the United States tested positive for the coronavirus, President Donald Trump had just announced restrictions on flights to and from Europe, and we were one week away from hosting the 2020 InsurTech NY Spring Conference, our annual New York City-based in-person event. We had planned to host seven panels, 20 startup competition pitches, and four TED-style talks, totaling more than 60 speakers. As part of the competition, more than 20 judges had to vote on winners in near real-time. We also promised to provide networking opportunities with one-on-one meetings for all attendees.

Putting Risk Management on the Front Line
Businesses in India expressed an overwhelming desire to approach risk management more strategically in this year's Excellence in Risk Management India report, with 68% of respondents deeming "integrating risk management into strategic planning" their top priority. Today, managing risk intelligently is everyone's responsibility--not just the company's executives--and the question of how to enable risk management at the front line of defense (FLoD) was a key theme for Marsh's "Enabling the First Line of Defense" panel discussion at the RIMS Risk Forum India 2019. Consistently taking the initiative is key to risk management, and panelists discussed a number of proactive strategies for enabling front-line employees to address risk.

Spotting Coronavirus-Related Phishing Emails
Amid widespread public concern and constantly evolving news about the COVID-19 pandemic, cybercriminals are finding new fodder for phishing campaigns. With the eagerness for new information about the coronavirus outbreak, distraction during disruption, and the disorienting shift to remote work for many, employees may be particularly susceptible to falling for these schemes right now.

Preparing for a Pandemic: Review Business Continuity Plans Amid Coronavirus Outbreak
Organizations worldwide have been reacting to the recent coronavirus outbreak, COVID-19, in a variety of ways, from restricting nonessential employee travel to canceling large events. The possibility of a pandemic has the potential to disrupt workforces, supply chains and economic activity in the months ahead. So, it is with a sense of urgency that prudent organizations review and update their business continuity plans to insure their operational resiliency.

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President's Message

Jeff Stolle
Happy New Year! 2020 looks to be a very interesting year in the insurance market, I hope you prepared for what looks to be a hardening market for a second year. It's been a long time since the last hard market, and this is when Risk Managers can really so their value within their organization. LA RIMS hopesto provide you with education and resources to help you navigate this market, while also providing you some opportunities to let loose and have some fun with the LA Risk Management Community. The purpose of this newsletter is to let our members and supporters know about some of the exciting events coming up throughout the New Year and to tell you more about our Chapter and how you can get involved.

First, I would like to introduce the 2020 LA RIMS Chapter Board Members. Without this group, none of our events would be possible. Being a Board Member requires extra time and commitment outside of everything else they do. They work hard to create and put on the best events for our members. We have a great mix of new faces and grizzled veterans making up our Board.
President:Jeff Stolle, Director, Risk Management, Castle & Cooke, Inc.
Vice President:Scott Ritto, Vice President, Risk Management, Kilroy Realty Corporation
Treasurer:Cristina Montijo, Director, Risk Management and Insurance, Edwards Lifesciences
Secretary:Margaret Fisette, Senior Risk Manager, Big 5 Sporting Goods
Past President:Manny Chavez, Risk Manager, Princess Cruise Lines
Directors:Vincent Monastersky, Vice President, Risk Management, Fox Entertainment
Dennis Healy, Risk Manager, BBSI
Cristian Iglesias, Risk Analyst, The Cheesecake Factory
Christal Warner, Associate Vice President-Commercial, Paul Davis
Jackelyn Ho, Marketing Manager, LegalNet, Inc.
Pat Koscher, Senior Account Manager, HARBRO Emergency & Restoration
Rising Risk
Professionals Chair/
Board Liaison
Mary Daly, Principal, Oliver Wyman
Executive Director
(keeps it all together!)
Amber Ardizone, Executive Management Associates

Other than our new Board members, Jackelyn and Pat, all the Board Members from 2019 have returned to the Board. We believe this continuity only helps enhance the mission of the Board.
Upcoming Events:
April 22nd, 2020
Monthly Education Event

June 3rd, 2020
LA RIMS Golf Tournament

August 13th, 2020
FantaSea Yachts Cocktail Cruise

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