Los Angeles Chapter of Risk and Insurance Management Society

Mission And By-laws

"Los Angeles RIMS is dedicated to be the preeminent association in risk management focused on attracting the leaders in the industry while fulfilling the needs of its members and affiliates. Through education and development, networking, and community outreach, we aim to promote the principles, and highlight the value of risk management to drive the success of our member organizations."


  • Be the leading association for risk management.
  • Create a highly effective interactive communication system to elicit, understand and respond to member and chapter needs.
  • To foster education programs for risk management.
  • Set direction and deliver relevant risk management educational opportunities.
  • Work together with chapters to strengthen and develop a responsive and productive network.
  • Define, develop and pursue strategic alliances with internal and external entities to meet member needs and strengthen RIMS' role as an association for its members.
  • Actively advocate members' interests.
  • Be the risk management authority on a broad array of business risks.

Strategic Plan

  • The strategic plan explains how RIMS will accomplish its mission and objectives over the next three to five years. Given that the scope contained in the new mission statement has shifted to focus on the member entity, it is appropriate to describe the manner in which the components of the strategic plan will be carried out.
  • Each component of the plan is based on the fundamental notion that RIMS needs to be flexible and proactive and it needs to utilize advanced technology for a timely response in a rapidly changing environment. The plan also acknowledges that RIMS should ally with internal and external organizations and experts as well as integrate strategic thinking and incorporate quality initiatives into all areas of concentration.

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