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Membership Classes

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Organizational Membership * $650
Are you an employee of a company/organization for which you have risk responsibilities?
Your company is eligible to become an Organizational Member of RIMS and you and a colleague (also an employee with risk responsibilities) will be your company's individual members (we refer to you as a Professional member). Both your memberships are included in the $550 annual Society dues*. The membership belongs to the organization, not the individual.
Additional Members * $225 each

Individual Professional Membership * $350
Are you a full-time professional with risk management responsibilities exclusively for one organization?

Associate Membership * $625
Do you provide products or services to those in the risk management profession? For instance, are you a broker, underwriter, consultant, attorney, accountant, actuary or outsourced risk manager?
You are eligible for Associate membership in RIMS. Associates have all the privileges of membership except they are not eligible to serve as voting members of Boards or Committees at the Society or Chapter level. Your individual Society member dues are $550 per year*; the membership belongs to you, not to your company/employer.
Young Associate * $149

Young Professional (Under 26 years of age) * $149

Student Membership * $25
Are you a full-time undergraduate or graduate student working towards a degree in risk management, insurance or business?
If you are not eligible in any other category, you are eligible for Student membership in RIMS. RIMS has waived dues for Student member, but you will be required to join and pay applicable dues to your local chapter.

(A copy of your current transcript is required in order to qualify for student membership)

Educational Membership * $125
Are you a full-time professor or dean in a program providing risk management, insurance or business education?
You are eligible for Educational membership and your Society dues are $125 per year*.
(A current curriculum vitae is required in order to qualify for educational membership)

Retired Membership * $125
Are you fully retired from the risk profession? Were you a Professional or Associate member of RIMS immediately prior to your full retirement?
You are eligible for Retired membership and your Society dues are $125 per year*.

Transitional Membership * No Charge
Available to any Professional or Associate member upon separation from their current place of employment. Transitional Membership is renewable once, or a maximum of 2 years from the date of separation. Membership terminates upon acceptance of employment.

* All RIMS Members are required to join their local chapter and pay applicable dues. Details about benefits, fees and membership qualifications may be found at www.RIMS.org/Benefits.
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